In recent protests in Iran, according to employees of the Iranian Ministry of the Interior, at least 1500 demonstrators were killed by security forces.


According to government sources, Iranian ayatollah Ali Khamenei wanted to “end the protests” at all costs.

“The Islamic Republic is in danger, do what you have to do to end this,” he said, according to these sources. Security forces shot at the thousands of demonstrators in the country.

In Iran, protests broke out on November 15 after the government had raised fuel prices. The protests, which continued for two weeks, quickly turned into demonstrations against the Iranian government and Islamic law.

The demonstrators demanded, among other things, the resignation of Khamenei and the return of the son of the shah deposed in the late 1970s as the leader of Iran.

The death toll is considerably higher than human rights organisations previously thought. They estimate the number of deaths at around two hundred.

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