Australian Government Sets Up Anti-Corruption Watchdog

The Australian government on Tuesday introduced plans to create a national anti-corruption watchdog. The country has debated the need for an independent commission to investigate politicians for years. In a statement, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Attorney General Mark Dreyfus say they want to “restore confidence in and integrity […]

Occupied Parts of Mykolaiv are Included in Kherson Region

Occupied parts of Ukraine’s Mykolaiv region will be incorporated into the neighbouring Kherson region. The Russian-installed administration has announced this in Kherson, the Russian state news agency TASS reported. The decision would mean that residents of Mykolaiv will also vote in a referendum on joining Russia next week. The plebiscite […]

Allianz: Chip Shortage Costs European Car Industry 100 Billion Euros

The shortage of chips will cost the European car industry around 100 billion euros in 2021 and this year, credit insurer Allianz Trade has calculated. The chip shortage has resulted in approximately 18 million fewer vehicles being produced worldwide. According to Allianz, the European automakers were particularly hard hit. The […]