Zoom Comes With an Event Platform

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Videobel app Zoom, which has gained considerable popularity during the past lockdowns, wants to expand this summer towards events for large companies.


The company has announced that it will roll out a Zoom Events branch this summer. This is a more extensive version of its current OnZoom event service, which will be made more suitable for large companies.

OnZoom is an event platform that now mainly works for family parties and SMEs. You can host an online event with it, manage several of those events in a hub, sell tickets and view statistics. With Zoom Events, all of this has to be broader and more prominent so that the large companies that have now all abolished their conferences could still organize them via Zoom.

It will include support for conferences lasting several days, such as the main page for the agenda and links to various ‘rooms’. In addition, a traditional chat room, with text, has to sort of absorbing the networking before the actual video stream starts.

All in all, it doesn’t sound like Zoom is reinventing water with this. Online events have sprung up like mushrooms over the past year, and a series of companies have benefited from this with their platforms, some more technologically advanced than others.

Zoom, on the other hand, has a certain momentum, given that it has now gained a foothold in a lot of companies with its meeting software.

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