US to Close US Branch of China Telecom

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The United States has banned the activities of the US branch of China Telecom. FCC regulator says the telecom company is controlled by the Chinese government and is, therefore, a threat to US national security.


The FCC has given China Telecom Americas 60 days to stop its service. The media watchdog said in a statement that the Chinese authorities have the ability to access or disrupt communications in the US through the telecom company. “That allows them to engage in espionage or other activities that are harmful to the United States.”

The telecom company has been active in the US for almost twenty years and called the withdrawal of the US license “disappointing”. However, the Chinese embassy in Washington has not yet responded. The relationship between the US and China has been under pressure for some time.

In recent years, the superpowers have argued over trade, the corona pandemic and the human rights situation in Chinese areas such as Hong Kong and Xinjiang.

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