Former US President Donald Trump plans to visit the United States’ southern border on June 30, along with Texas Governor Greg Abbott.


Both the former president and Abbott have complained about the increasing number of immigrants in the US since Trump’s successor Joe Biden took office.

“We have gone from a secure border that the whole world envied to a riotous border that people worldwide feel sorry for,” Trump said in a statement announcing Abbott’s invitation to visit the border. “The Biden cabinet inherited from me the strongest and safest border in American history. However, in just weeks, they created the worst border crisis in American history,” Trump said.

Since Biden rolled back immigration restrictions imposed by his predecessor, the number of migrants on the US southern border has reached its highest level in two decades. More than half a million people were arrested and sent back to Mexico between March and May after crossing the border illegally.

As president, Trump was known for his strict immigration policy. He wanted to build a wall along the entire southern border of the US. On the first day of his term in office, Biden stopped financing the construction of the wall.

Abbott announced last week that Texas wants to build its own border wall. It is still unclear how the governor hopes to achieve this.

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