Trump Questions Kamala Harris’s American Ancestry

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US President Donald Trump has attempted to cast doubt on the US citizenship of Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris.


“I heard today that Kamala Harris would not meet the conditions to run for vice president,” Trump said at a news conference.

Harris, daughter of an Indian mother and Jamaican father, was born in the American city of Oakland. This automatically makes her an American citizen by law.

The Democratic Party said on CNN that it was “not surprised” at Trump’s comments. “We are surprised that he comes along so soon after the announcement of her nomination,” said the Democrats in response.

Trump made the same claim about former President Barack Obama for years. Ten years ago, he was one of the fiercest advocates of the so-called ‘birther movement’, which questioned Obama’s US citizenship.

The supporters of this theory believed that Obama was born in Kenya. Obama released his birth certificate in 2011 to end the discussion.

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