The US and China Media War: China Announces to Deport at least 13 US Journalists

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The United States and China have entered a real media war. China announces that it will deport at least 13 US journalists.


China does this because certain Chinese media had to register in America as “diplomatic missions”. After that, the US government also demanded that a maximum of 100 Chinese employees work for those companies. That meant that 60 could get on.

At least 13 journalists from the most prestigious American newspapers such as The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal have to leave China. That announces the Chinese government. It is the next step in a media war between the two countries.

It started with an opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal, where China was described as “the sick man of Asia”. That term struck a chord in China because it is historically charged. China demanded apologies from the newspaper, but they never came.

In response to the absence of those apologies, China revoked the accreditation of three journalists from The Wall Street Journal.

America, in turn, then had several Chinese publications published in America registered as “state-owned enterprises”. In this way, America could gain insight into the workforce of those companies.

This was followed at the beginning of this month by a restriction on the number of Chinese citizens who were allowed to work in the five “state-owned enterprises”. In those companies, China had to go from 160 to 100 Chinese employees. That meant that 60 Chinese had to leave the country.

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