The aftermath of Ida, the hurricane that caused enormous damage in the US state of Louisiana on Sunday, is now also affecting other parts of America.


In New York City, authorities have issued a flash flood warning and subways are stuck between stations, and subways are no longer running. A “large and extremely dangerous” tornado was observed in New Jersey.

Subways have been shut down in New York City as stations have been flooded due to heavy rainfall. A number of metros are stuck between stations, but the metro network writes that no one is in danger.

“If you’re stuck on a subway, stay in the car; that’s the safest place unless the conductor says otherwise,” the subway network wrote on Twitter. Images on social media show how metro stations in the city have been flooded.

The city’s mayor, Bill de Blasio, declared a state of emergency on Wednesday evening. “This is a historic event,” said De Blasio, speaking off record amounts of rain and dangerous situations on the roads. Several motorists are said to have gotten stuck because of the rapidly rising water.

“Rain is rare in this region, so we could see deadly floods like last week in Tennessee,” meteorologist Brandon Miller told CNN.

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