More Than 30 Million Corona Infections Worldwide

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The number of people worldwide who have been diagnosed with the coronavirus has passed 30 million on Thursday.


That figure is based on the database of the American University Johns Hopkins.

Most infections have been diagnosed in the United States. The number there stands at more than 6.6 million. The number is also increasing rapidly in India.

At least 5.1 million people have now been tested positive here. Brazil follows with 4.4 million corona cases diagnosed.

Russia occupies fourth place with more than 1 million infections. Peru, Colombia, Mexico, South Africa, Spain and Argentina are also in the top ten.

The global death toll from Covid-19 surpassed 900,000 worldwide last Wednesday. According to the university in Baltimore, there are now more than 942,000.

More than 197,000 deaths were recorded in the US, followed by Brazil (more than 134,000), India (more than 83,000), Mexico (72,000), the United Kingdom (almost 42,000) and Italy (nearly 36,000).

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