Melbourne is Reintroducing Corona Rules After New Outbreak

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For Melbourne and the rest of the Australian state of Victoria, additional corona measures will apply from Tuesday. This is a new outbreak of which it is not yet clear how everyone became infected.


For that reason, the travel bubble between New Zealand and the state of Victoria has also been paused for three days.

For the next week and a half, residents will have to wear masks in hotels, restaurants and other indoor locations, among other things. The number of visitors at home and the number of guests at private meetings at public locations will also be limited. Thousands of people have also been called upon to be quarantined and tested.

Nine infections with the coronavirus have been diagnosed in Victoria in two days. The infected persons belong to three households of the same family. The infections can be traced back to one of them, the authorities said, but it is not clear how that person became infected.

It concerns a person who has recently been abroad but was only tested positive after the mandatory quarantine. Australia has been largely locked up for over a year.

Only a small group of travellers are allowed to enter the country, but they must be quarantined in a hotel on arrival. By closing the borders and enforcing strict measures, Australia has seen just over 30,000 infections and 910 deaths.

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