Include Moving Days: Do You have Days Off for Your Move?

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If you are moving, it is nice if you have some extra days off. The move itself lasts all day. But also, before and after the move day, you need time to pack things in and out. A few extra days off are therefore not a luxury. You may be entitled to removal days: extra days off that you can take on your move. You can read exactly how that works in this moving tip.

Moving home: What you need to know
On average, UK employees can take a few days of special leave per year for their move. Whether you can accept transfer days depends on your employer. If you can take transfer days as part of the special holiday, you do not submit leave hours, and your wage will continue to be paid.

Include moving days: check your CAO
Free days for a move are not regulated by law, in contrast to, for example, maternity or care leave. Employers/sectors can decide for themselves whether or not they give leave to employees. Days off for a move are covered by ‘special leave.’ The rules for special leave can be found in your CAO, employment contract or company regulations.

Do you need to identify if you are entitled to free removal days? Then check your CAO. Are you not sure under which CAO you fall? Then you can find it in your employment contract or ask your employer. All UK collective labour agreements can be viewed online on GOV sites.

Search for your collective labour agreement for schemes regarding relocation or relocation leave. Is it not in the CAO? Or do you not fall under a collective labour agreement? Then you can look into the company regulations or consult with your employer directly.

Save time during your move
If you want to move more rapidly, you may want to consider switching to a moving company. You can even ask the moving company to pack moving boxes for you and dismantle furniture. You then need fewer days off because you have to do much less yourself.

Curious about what cross country movers costs? You can request some offers free of charge and without obligation. Then you can better assess whether it is worth it for you.

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