Facebook Presents Virtual Reality Headset Oculus Rift S

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Facebook presents virtual reality headset Oculus Rift S. Oculus, a subsidiary of Facebook, announced Wednesday the Rift S, his headset for virtual reality (VR). The device is for sale from spring.


The Rift S has two lenses with a resolution of 1280 x 1440 pixels each.

The images shown are refreshed with a frequency of 80 Hz.

How wide the field of vision of the Rift S is, Oculus has not announced.

Furthermore, the Rift S is more substantial than the original Rift of 470 grams, which can assure that users can experience fatigue earlier.

Exactly how much the Rift S weighs, Oculus has not brought out.

The VR headset does not work wirelessly but must be connected with a cable to a computer with Windows 10,

 a minimum of 8 GB of memory and a graphics card from Nvidia or AMD that can handle the running of VR experiences.

The Rift S is also equipped with the so-called six degrees of freedom (6DoF).

It indicates that the headset can not only follow movements up and down, front and back and left and right,

 but also rotating shifts, which replaces the orientation of the image.

When the Oculus Rift S goes on sale exactly has not been announced yet.

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