Apple Supplier Expects Postponement of New Iphones

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Broadcom, a major producer of smartphone parts, expects Apple to postpone the release of some iPhone 2020 models.


New iPhones typically appear in early fall, but due to the corona crisis, Broadcom doubts Apple will meet that deadline.

The supplier, which specializes in WiFi components, expressed its suspicions during a discussion of the quarterly figures.

According to news agency Bloomberg, CEO Hock Tan did not mention Apple by name, but did talk about a ‘delay of an important product’ from a ‘large North American telephone manufacturer’.

In the past, the CEO often used that description when he referred to Apple.

The iPhone was discussed during the meeting because the expected increase in revenue of Broadcom in 2020 is a quarter later than usual.

‘This year, we expect the turnover increase to be no earlier than in our fourth fiscal quarter. As a result, sales in the third quarter will be later ‘.

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