Angry Tesla Driver Climbs on Model 3 During the Auto Show in Protest

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A very dissatisfied owner of a Tesla climbed on a Tesla Model 3 during a car show in Shanghai.


The woman was wearing a shirt that read, loosely translated in Chinese characters, “brake didn’t work” and shouted, “Tesla’s brake didn’t work”. This can be seen in a video from the Chinese state media Global Times.

Security guards tried to hide the woman’s message with umbrellas, but she dismissed it. She was eventually dragged off the car and taken away. According to Tesla, the protester is known because she “repeatedly protested against Tesla’s braking problem”.

The woman says her Tesla Model 3’s brakes failed, nearly killing four of her family members. According to Tesla, the braking system had worked properly.

The company says it has come up with various solutions in negotiations with the dissatisfied woman. According to Tesla, the owner would insist on exchanging her Tesla but does not want to have the car checked by an independent party.

In October, a group of dissatisfied Dutch Tesla drivers announced preparing a class-action lawsuit against the car manufacturer. The Teslas would have all kinds of defects. For example, cars would brake abruptly on the highway by the autopilot.

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